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The state of the gaming industry in africa(nigeria/south-africa)

ifeanyichukwu chigbata

October 1, 2018

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The percentage of persons included in africa's gaming community is really very small and almost 
non existence.This situation applys to both the game developers and gamers.

In nigeria,95% of the active gaming studios try to fight for the little audience present.Due to
economy over here,its one thing for nigerians to know about the game's existence and another
to get them to purchase a copy.Due to this fact,98% of game companies started in nigeria close up
in less than a year due to extremely low sales.Most of the nigerian game companies tend to focus
only on getting the attention of african gamers leaving out the western world or asia etc (Places
with a huge gaming database of players).

A few companies in nigeria have managed to rise above the dust.

SmartoliveGames LTD has released over 4 games (both on the PC and Android )on the international 
gaming markets.Gamsole has partnered with banks and telecommuication companies to create games
for their customers.Maliyo has come up with their own marketplace for games and are trying to
increase its visibilty.Chopup is trying to get their games into the esports sector.

In south-africa,Nyamakop released a game on PC AND Nintendo switch recently.

A bunch of gaming events seem to be coming up as well in africa like WAGE(weat african gaming expo)
and south-africa make games.

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