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The "it ain't coming to" Nintendo Excuse.

Just a little rant from a gamer.

A W, Blogger

December 17, 2012

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It has come to the attention of most Nintendo gamers that in fact they do want ex-game on the new Wii U system. It has also come to the attention of the news media that Nintendo gamers have had to miss out on all of the third-party port goodness because of the original Wii's graphics problem. So now Nintendo has put out a mysterious system which may or may not have untold power and now the word is getting around that Wii U with all its power may not get ex-game ported to it for various reasons. Much of which may be more of excuses rather that reality.

So lets look at what did get ported or recieved a face lift in the name of the mature core gamer market. Ninja Gaiden 3 a game that was reworked under the direction of Nintendo publishing. Black Ops 2, a surprize shift from the Wii onto the Wii U with all the HD goodness and much of the MP in tack. Assasain's Creed 3, from a compamy that has given Nintendo exclusives since the begining of Wii. Batman Ark. City Armored Addition, a game reworked to use Wii U's controller pad and given new skins on existing characters. Mass Effect 3 Special Edition, a game that also kept its HD goodness and added some pad fuctionality. These games came out playable and with minor problems and even thought that was the case the gaming media went searching for more.

So, is Metro Last Light being ported to Wii U? How about BioShock Infinite? No? Where is the Dark Souls anouncement? Is it coming?

What we gamers of the Wii U got from that type of coverage could be considered down right insulting. No mentions of we're under NDA's. No lies saying we can't talk about it yet. Just total flat out no's and or terrible excuses as to why nothing is happening.

When the Wii U was revealed, one of the talking points used was how easy it would be to port the existing HD games in development to the system. It seemed good given the amount of HD games already on the market. Many third-parties seemed happy by this, and much of them seemed to look forward to porting stuff over. But that all suddently changed after the release. Maybe it was not as easy as Nintendo made it seem, but this is beside the point. Many developers came up with excuses, and some with criticisms. Some of the most damaging criticisms came from THQ developers (a company that had Darksiders 2 ported over.) One would think that affer what was said to a media rep about Last Light being canned that heads would roll. But all that seemed to happen was just a justification for why what was said was spoken. One could wonder if such a statement was spoken against porting games over to Ps3 or Xbox360, that the retracted statement may have been different. But non the less, what happend happend and could not have happened any other way because this is a Nintendo console post SNES we are talking about after all. It's very easy to troll them over the net on reputable gaming sites and get away with it. So much so that media outlets use the opportunity to make some trolling money goodness off of it themselves.

I don't want to come of as being crabby about what has happen thus far. But I will leave the discussion open with this should a discussion actually occur. If you have no plans to do anything yet, maybe because you need to research more. Maybe because you didn't get development kits on time. Maybe you just don't like the spec, or maybe you have some dislikes with the Nintendo brand. Its best to just say, I have nothing to give you at this time, or We are under NDA expect announcements at the videogame exposes. But please o please don't botch your PR and anger a demographic that may be hungry to try your game via the only gamepad controller on the market.

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