The Path to Become Agile: Part VI

We go over the sprint review for the past week, reaching the top 50 games on SlideDB, and receiving PSM I certification.



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The Path to Become Agile: Part V:


Sprint Review

            This week’s sprint was a simple and productive sprint. We completed a new system for a mini-game within the actual game. Now this mini-game won’t serve as much other than a temporary distraction from the actual game; but isn’t that the whole point? The mini-game was created in the form of an endless runner game using the main character as an avatar. The avatar will be wearing the exact same equipment as your player wears in the actual game.

            The reason why we decided to do this was due to the success of a previous endless runner game we created. The code was already complete so it wasn’t too difficult to edit it to meet the needs of Super Bit Adventure. To go along with the endless runner mini-game, we have finished all the abilities within the game. There are quite a large variety and they have all been completed free of bugs.

            This is a huge step for us since the abilities were one of the most daunting tasks ahead of us. We started earlier than scheduled in order to meet the definition of “done” for this sprint and were able to successful reach that goal. For testing purposes we have given the player authority to use all the skills now but in the next build they will be assigned to certain weapons and equipment.



            Thanks to all of your votes, we have reached the top 50 games on SlideDB that are competing for app of the year. This is quite an accomplishment seeing as we only begun development a few months ago. The top 50 games are split up amongst games that are already released and those that are coming soon. Obviously since Super Bit Adventure has yet to be released, we can be found under the coming soon section.

            Now begins round 2 of voting however and we still need your help to succeed. There is one more week of voting for round 2 and we would love it if you would once again vote for us as app of the year. To do so, simply follow the link to our page ( and then click the “top 50” link at the top, then navigate to “coming soon” and “role-playing.” Next to our game will be a large “vote” button. Press that and receive our undying gratitude for your support!


Professional Scrum Master I

            In order to better prepare our team for the integration of agile methodologies and the scrum framework, I have studied vigorously on becoming a scrum master. I’ve used many different study sources and mock testing to help me prepare for the Professional Scrum Master I exam through Reading through the forums had told me that this was no easy exam so I knew I had to study hard and learn the ins and outs of being a scrum master. Well as of today, I am proud to announce that I have passed the exam and received my PSM I certification. I hope that the knowledge I have gained will be put to great use in the future development of our games and beyond.


Keith, C. (2010). Agile game development with Scrum. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Addison-


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