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The Overwatch Winter Wonderland

An opinion of Overwatch's Winter Wonderland

Drew Fletcher, Blogger

December 28, 2016

4 Min Read

Bullets are flying are you listening. Tracer is blinking are you missing it?  What a beautiful sight, all this chaos tonight, walking in a Winter Wonderland.   Hello everyone this is your Friendly Neighborhood Game Designer and with the winter event coming to a close, I would like to give my take on it.


Skins, Emotes and Highlight Intros

Image found at - http://images.newseveryday.com/data/thumbs/full/57736/720/0/0/0/overwatch-christmas-update-winter-wonderland-goes-live-new-maps-skins-and-more-revealed.jpg

     Like with the Halloween event I am always excited for new skins.  As a Zenyetta main I was too excited to become the Nutcracker.  The other skins I really liked were Winston’s (finally some love for our science man!!!) and Tracer’s.  I mean Tracer as an elf…what else could she be, it was perfect.  The skins were nicely done as always, but there was a hidden gem or overpriced ring pop in there and I mean Mei.  I understand the pain.  A re-colored, re-themed Mei for 3000 (insert rage befitting for the playground).  Blizzard’s reason for making her skin legendary wasn’t the skin itself but the polish behind it.  With the skin equipped, when Mei does her Cryo Freeze move you see a snowman instead of a block of ice.  Now…that’s COOL! (Every pun intended lol)  I’m personally glad that Blizzard is expanding what defines skins as legendary.  How awesome would it have been if with Roadhog’s Halloween skin he shot out bones instead of metal scraps!  It’s those little details that make future skins worth it.

     To be honest I’m not that hype about emotes.  The only time I use them is after an epic play or to troll people to perfection.  The ones that stood out were Zarya and Mei’s emotes.  The interesting thing about Zarya’s is that she had 3 variations of it.  Mei’s emote deserves attention because the snowman she makes stays on the scene for a little.  I don’t recall other emotes doing this, so its special to me.

     The thing I want the most but there are never enough are highlight intros.  Blizzard PLEASE if you read this give us more intros.  I was sad that only 2 intros were introduced this event but 1 did set the internet on fire.  So Widowmaker…yea.  If you didn’t question yourself after watching that intro…you haven’t lived enough.  Your questions should have included but are not limited to: Why am I smiling?  Do I like being hit? Why do I only have 5 minutes on Widowmaker?

     Overall the additions to the game are gladly accepted.  I cannot wait for the next event we may get.  Maybe Valentine’s Day with a Cupid Mercy or a Spring Break event with 76 soaking in the rays.  Also, if you ever feel like raging about something you didn’t like remember one thing; the new patch was and continues to be free.



www.gamerpros.co/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/overwatch-1-458x425.jpg?resize=431%2C400&ssl=1"; />Image found at - www.gamerpros.co/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/overwatch-1-458x425.jpg?resize=431%2C400&ssl=1" target="_blank">https://i2.wp.com/www.gamerpros.co/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/overwatch-1-458x425.jpg?resize=431%2C400&ssl=1

     Mei’s Snowball Offensive was actually pretty fun.   Despite the initial reactions on Youtube the brawl wasn’t bad; it was no Junkstein but Mei did her thing.  I didn’t really play it that much, but I only had two experiences:  either I died in the first 5 seconds and watched the rest of the match or I killed 2 people and felt like a pro Hanzo.  I wasn’t too fond of the reloading mechanic even though it added a nice touch of tension.  Overall, I liked the brawl and it was cool for what it was.

     Winter Wonderland was a successful event in my eyes and I’m sure most of the player base.  I loved everything about it a new brawl, new background and music and really having a reason to grind out more loot boxes.  I’ll leave links to some videos about the brawl in case you were living under a glacier for the last two weeks.  Enjoy the rest of your 2016 and I hope your holiday plans go well. See ya!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNnFpjXcx7g&t=595s - Skins, Emotes, Intros

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sm6fEnsFQCE - Brawl Review

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