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Looking to buy your first stereoscopic 3D HDTV or PC solution? This guide gives you a rundown of what to look for, how to save some money, and the big mistakes to avoid. This guide is especially useful for console and PC gamers.

Neil Schneider, Blogger

November 27, 2010

2 Min Read

By Neil Schneider

Neil Schneider (left), Tuo-Te (The Wonder Cat), Andrew Swartz (Right)

Neil Schneider (left), Tuo-Te, Andrew Swartz (Right)

MTBS recently put together a buyers guide for gamers and consumers interested in taking the plunge into stereoscopic 3D gaming for the first time.

I know the Gamasutra audience is very sophisiticated in this area already, but I find I get a lot of questions about this stuff regularly.  I figured this would be useful for some of the readers out there.

Sorry for not embedding the videos directly into this post - I don't think the editor has the functionality to do that.  Here is a linked summary though:


Part I: The Basics

The first video explains what 3D is, how consumer S-3D technology works, and gives some rules to follow when doing your shopping.

Part II: 3D HDTVs

The second video is for the 3D HDTV shoppers out there.  Protect yourself!  Learn which features are an absolute must, how to save some money, and what you need to game in 3D on console and PC.  Finally, if you can't decide whether to go with LCD/LED television or Plasma, this video clears the myths and sheds light on the differences.

Part III: PC S-3D Gaming

The third video is for the PC gamers out there looking for a desktop 3D solution.  While PC has a lot of S-3D gaming advantages, it's still a bit wild west in finding the right solution for YOU.  This guide gives a rundown of what's out there, clears the myths, and points out the pitfalls to avoid so you will be happy with your purchase.

Happy shopping everyone!  We are looking to do more guides like this, so if you have ideas on subject matter that should be covered, please let us know!

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