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Oh, will there be an action item list? I love those

Lehr Jackson, Blogger

May 1, 2011

1 Min Read

I will temporarily be using this blog as an outlet for the Games, Simulation, and Society course I am taking. The overlaying theme for the post will be exploring storytelling and characters in video games.   Just a forewarning, I claim neither mastery in the art of storytelling, nor that I know everything about the world of game design.  If I did, I would be publishing my writing in some other source, and be receiving a paycheck for it, i.e. I would no longer be a student.  However this should not bar me from making statements that might clash with the opinions of other people in the industry.    I will however, endeavor to make up for what I don’t know by using  proper grammar and spelling at all times, because honestly the lack of it in digital media is just annoying to everyone.  No promises though, it is coming up on finals, and sleep is somewhat of a luxury.  

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