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Tencent’s Top 10 Chinese mobile games of 2013

This is a top 10 list of Tencent’s mobile games 2013

Tencent is the No.1 moblie game publisher in China. Here I post the top 10 list of Tencent’s mobile games in 2013, which is provided by Chinese downloading site I hope this can give you an idea what is hot in China. Some games have no English names, so I put up one to let you know what they are about.

Tencent is also the provider of popular instant messenger QQ, the counterpart of Skype in China. A QQ account can give you access to all the services Tencent provides, messenger, social network, games, etc.

Typically, for most mobile games with social features, logging in with your facebook account is optional. But for Tencent’s games, logging in with QQ account is mandatory (Otherwise the game won’t start). Then you can play with people on your messenger friend list.

  No.1 天天酷跑 (Cool Run Everyday)

This is a simple 2D scroll running game, only use two buttons, jump and duck. The monetization is pretty much like Subway Surf.



No.2 节奏大师 (Rhythm Master )

Music game, as you can see.

No.3 天天飞车 (Speed Up)

This is a simplified version of conventional racing game, you can only swipe left and right to shift to a few fixed run ways, pretty much like Subway Surf.



   No.4 全民英雄 (Everybody is Hero)

 Card game.



 No.5 天天爱消除(Enjoy Removing Everyday)

Match-3 game.


 No.6 全民飞机大战(Everybody’s air combat)

Shooter game.



  No.7 欢乐斗地主 (Beat the Landlord)

Poker game.


  No.8 天天连萌(Link Link)

A finding pairs puzzle game.



No.9 Plants VS Zombies 2 Weixin version

This is a special version for Tencent’s Weixin, something like Mobile version Twitter.


No.10 Fruit Ninjia Weixin version

Also a version for Weixin.


And These are hot games in China 2014, you can see lots of Tencent’s games and familiar ones.

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