Tencent Games forms new publishing label Level Infinite

The label has been created to deliver "high-quality games to a global audience."

Tencent Games has launched a new publishing label called Level Infinite to deliver "high-quality games to a global audience."

Level Infinite will have offices in Amsterdam and Singapore, and will offer international publishing services, technical and production assistance, market insight and analysis, and assistance with esports integration.

The label's initial release slate includes titles like Synced: Off Planet and Don't Starve: Newhome, and Tencent's own Arena of Valor.

Level Infinite explained it will also be offering support to studios eager to self-publish, and has forged partnerships with Warhammer: Vermintide 2 developer Fatshark and GTFO maker 10 Chambers on that basis.

Tencent Games global chief exec Michelle Liu said the launch of Level Infinite represents the company's "evolution as a global publisher and trusted brand."

The news caps a busy year for Tencent, with the Chinese company expanding significantly with major acquisitions including the $1.27 billion purchase of Sumo Group and the opening of new studios like Team Kaiju

According to recent reports, however, Tencent is facing adversity on home soil after being suspended from updating or launching applications in China.

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