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Tencent-backed TiMi Studios Group debuts new branch called Team Kaiju

Former Halo 4 lead designer Scott Warner and Battlefront vet Rosi Zagorcheva are now heading up a studio called Team Kaiju.

Bryant Francis, Senior Editor

October 15, 2021

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For the last few months Tencent-backed TiMi Studios Group has been opening up studios in Los Angeles and Seattle, increasing the Chinese conglomerate's push into the world of triple-A game development. Now it's revealed those studios are actually part of one unified effort, and that effort is called Team Kaiju.

Though a group of talented individuals teaming up to perform impossible tasks is really more of a Super Sentai-ish vibe than a giant monster one (don't worry I'm groaning as much as you are), Team Kaiju's surfacing as a separate entity from TiMi Studios Group is an interesting turn for Tencent's North American expansion.

Team Kaiju co-founders Scott Warner and Rosi Zagorcheva told Gamesindustry.biz that the studio's focus is on making triple-A first-person shooter games, and that its goal is "address player fantasies" that haven't been explored by first-person shooters as of yet.

The company's two-office setup means the team is one of many new studios that will be employing a hybrid of in-office and at home work setups, which might wind up being one of the new big trends in studio announces as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

The separation from TiMi Studios Group is interesting, as the Tencent-backed developer is already known for games like Call of Duty MobileHonor of Kings, and Pokémon Unite. It's possible that there's interest in putting space between Team Kaiju's games and the free-to-play multiplayer titles that are already raking in money for the studio.

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