Techland ending Dying Light support with Definitive Edition launch

Dying Light has received 26 add-ons in the space of seven years.

Techland will end support for Dying Light after seven years with the release of Dying Light: Definitive Edition.

The studio described the launch of Dying Light: Definitive Edition as "the grand finale of our adventures in Harran," but reassured players it will continue to reroll previous events to keep things fresh.

Dying Light has been supported with a total of 26 DLCs -- including skin bundles and expansion packs -- but Techland acknowledged the sheer number of add-ons could actually prove to be a barrier to entry for newer players.

"Dying Light has been a fantastic journey. We are grateful to the community for supporting the game with us during these last seven years. However, we also understand that the sheer number of updates and DLCs released for our game might be daunting for new and returning players," wrote the studio.

The team hopes Dying Light: Definitive Edition will solve that issue by combining everything into one complete package.

The sequel to Dying Light, christened Dying Light 2 Stay Human, launched in February this year and has already sold 5 million units worldwide.

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