Sustaining Free Mobile Game with Google Ads to Low PPC Users

The potential solutions for low CPM audience-- Custom Ads, Paid App, and Inapp currency.

We first launched our card game on Google Play store in 2014. We developed a local card game called Callbreak. The card is played in Nepal and some parts of India. 

It took us 5 years to reach 1 million downloads. But, the revenue is okayish because the CPM is very low in our audience. 

Low PPC for Google ads makes it hard for our team. Now with a lot of competition, it is really tough. 

We face a very serious problem now for placing ads. 


Our game is free so we have to place ads. But, users constantly complain about the ads.

Competition and Ads

If we were to place few ads, our business won’t be able to sustain.

If we place ads everywhere, new competition is placing fewer ads just to beat the market. 

Our review is also lowering because of the ads' complaints. Most of our reviews are about having too many ads.

This is a real dilemma. We have been searching for the solution. 

How do you guys face such a problem?

Potential Solution

We have thought of some potential solutions. Let me know what you guys think about it.

  1. Custom Ads

We are thinking of searching for local businesses that can place ads on our game app. The search is going on. We think, if we integrate ads on our app, we could get rid of some popping Google ads. 

  1. Paid Version

Other options we have in mind is to create a paid app for users that don’t want ads ruining their game. However, we think this option is very less likely to be profitable for our audience because it’s hard for people of Nepal to make online payments.

  1. Remove Ads for InApp Coins

We are currently updating our game. We think we might add in-game currency. Users can then remove ads for a certain amount of time with the currency. We hope this method will improve our user engagement and get us extra bucks with less complaints.


What do you guys think will work for our audience? Let me us. We love making android games. How do you guys tackle the problem of “too-many-ads”

We also have online call break game on our website:

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