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Supercell's latest reported revenue figures are ridiculously huge

Revenues for the Helsinki, Finland-based mobile game company are reportedly on track this year to be more than twice that of EA's mobile games division.

Kris Ligman, Blogger

April 17, 2013

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Newsbrief: Helsinki-based mobile game developer Supercell, whose games include tower defense title Clash of Clans and social farming game Hay Day, has released a more complete picture of its impressive financial situation. As reported in Forbes, Supercell has already surpassed its 2012 revenues of $100 million, with $179 million in first quarter 2013. The company netted $104 million during the quarter, after expenses and Apple's 30 percent cut of sales.

The growth curve steepens: With daily revenue now at $2.4 million, Supercell is already at a run-rate of more than $800 million for 2013 and could reach $1 billion. That would make it more than twice the size of Electronic Arts’ mobile games division, which has 900-plus iOS apps. Supercell now attracts 8.5 million daily players who play an average of ten times per day.

More on Forbes.

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