Sony begins Discord rollout for PlayStation users

Discord almost anywhere.

It looks like Sony's finally about to bring Discord to the PlayStation 5. Beginning today, participants in Sony's beta program have already received invites to test the popular voice app on Sony's. 

Discord integration is intended to release for all PS5 owners with the console's next large software update. Per Sony, the voice chat app will let players "easily chat with friends on most other gaming platforms."  

Note in Sony's blog that Discord is strictly for the PlayStation 5, meaning PlayStation 4 owners are currently left out in the cold until they purchase a PS5.

The arrival of Discord to the PS5 comes nearly two years after Sony made a minor investment in Discord, and it announced the app would come to its console sometime in 2022. While that never happened, Discord notably came to both the Xbox Series X|S and the Xbox One this past September after a beta test a few months earlier. 

Similar to when Xbox initially received integration with Discord last year, the process will require players to link their Discord and PlayStation accounts. From there, players must use Discord on their mobile device or computer to start a voice chat on the PS5 console. 

At time of writing, it's unknown if the full rollout of Discord on PS5 will require the same process to begin a voice chat, or allow players to start a chat from their PS5 console. 

Outside of Discord, the next big PS5 update will allow players to upload captures directly to the mobile PlayStation app, allow for easier access of PlayStation 4 saved data, and let players easily transfer data from one PS5 to another. The full list of changes can be read here.

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