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Some interesting charts from Survey One that seem to confirm some common assumptions about levels of participation in platforms and genres.

Greg Lastowka, Blogger

August 3, 2013

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The majority of the ultimate reporting on Player-Authors Survey One will focus on user-generated content issues, but since the survey allowed us to gather a range of data from respondents, I thought I'd share some interesting charts that seem to confirm some common assumptions about participation in platforms and genres:

1). Players surveyed that preferred the Wii were slightly younger than gamers using other platforms:


2. MMO players averaged about 6 hours more per week of reported playing time than those who did not play MMOs.


3. Women preferred mobile gaming platforms more often than men, and preferred the PC as a gaming platform less than men.


4. PC gamers generally valued user-generated content more than non-PC gamers. Among those preferring consoles, those on the Sony PlayStation platform were more interested in gaining access to player-created content.


We're just getting started with this data, so there's much more to come...

Please note: If you are a game developer and want to participate in Survey Two of the project (targeted at the UGC perceptions within the developer community), that survey is still live and posted here: http://bit.ly/playerauthors2

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