Skirmish Podcast Ep 3: Nikolas Crisci talks about getting Will Glow the Wisp greenlit

We speak with Nickolas Crisci about his path leading to being an indie game developer, developing Will Glow the Wisp, and successfully getting it greenlit. Nicki also gives some insight about the indie game development community in Germany.

Will Glow the Wisp has just gotten Greenlit on Steam. Nikolas Crisci says what really helped him was going out there and marketing his game. Submitting it to Reddit, Facebook, and even Imgur. Another thing that really helped him was approaching creators of Steam Game Collections and asking if they have a minute to consider adding his game. This have gotten Will Glow the Wisp the extra mile it needed to get through.

Listen to the full interview for more insight.



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Reference links:

Nikolas on Skirmish 

Nikolas Official Site

Will Glow the Wisp

Meet Nicki at">German Dev Days


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