Should you continue being a gamedev?

James Fuller(CEO and Lead Designer of Storm Harted Academy) talks about how making a game is no easy feat.

Making a game is hard

I'm not going to lie; I have had doubts about being a gamedev.

I have always wanted to create a game and I thought that it'd be a piece of cake and an easy path to making the cash to pay the bills. Then I became a gamedev.

Everything I ever thought being a gamedev was about had changed. I realized that making a game is not easy but it can be extremely fun.

I have learned that game development takes time and lots of hard work and that most people will stick to the top indie developers or their favorite ones and that they may not download your game.

Don't give in. Never give up!

I had doubts about sticking with this career but I kept my mind open and believed in myself.

I put tons of effort into the games I have worked on and the ones that I am still working on.

I have been in the game development industry for 4 years now and even though I had doubts, I stuck with it and got better at my job.

The key is to never give up!

What the future holds

The future is unclear and uncertain but I will stick to making games because it'll all be worth it when you make it to the top.

Currently, Storm Harted Academy is working on two RPG's and one adventure game. We are also working on creating physical products such as a card game or board game.

Getting back to my main point of this blog, should you continue being a game developer?

The answer is yes

James Fuller is the CEO and Lead Designer of Storm Harted Academy.

Email [email protected] if you have any further questions.

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