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RonRikWorld's Best Augmented Reality Games

RonRik - Turns game into reality

RonRik is a social reality game, yet using your smart phone taking advantage of the traditional gaming elements and social networks by driving people to go out and physically interact with each other in a local environm

Game Developer, Staff

April 7, 2014

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RonRikWorld's Best Augmented Reality Games


When it comes to games, we all sometimes wish they had a little bit more to do with reality. Every game brings a new excitement which invades our virtual world. Imagine yourself going out and meeting somebody on your way. Suddenly he pulls out a gun trying to kill you. What do you do next? Your heart is racing, your mind is blurring. Surprisingly, you end up dead, but all you do is laugh because the entire scenery was so much fun, and the best part is – you are still alive! We have designed such reality getaway just for you, a game which takes you virtual gaming skills to the real world. We present to you – RonRik.

RonRik is a social reality game, created to satisfy everybody’s gaming taste. So now, it is not all about sitting in front of the computer for hours and living in an alternative virtual world. RonRik takes you out on a head-spinning trip into the real world, where interaction with other people is the key element of this game.

So, how does it all work? RonRik combines what you know with what you want. Using the traditional gaming elements mixed with the social networks and spiced with a touch of reality, we bring you a totally new gaming experience on your smart phone or tablet.

RonRik players connect with each other through mobile broadband data and play with each other by commuting in the area with the help of electronic maps. But it doesn’t end here.Actually, your local environment is equal to your virtual environment. With the help of GPS you can detect where the virtual safe houses, ammunition shops or medical health facilities are. Your smart phone’s camera is your all-seeing eye now. You can use it to see stationary or moving targets.

The ammunition shops are there to provide you different types of power-ups, from SWAT Teams, Mine Sweepers and Defuse Kits, to Turrets, Home Protection and Guided Missiles. The more power-ups you have, the more powerful you are, meaning you can win a battle with your opponent much easier. And after you ambush is over, the number of your coins rises. How? Simple, players can rob each other after one of them is killed.

As stated before, your local environment is your virtual environment. RonRik offers unique advertising possibilities based on the geo-locations. The online behavior of the players tells much, so we would be able to do advertising directly to local players in the local environment with local brands and shops they know.

Implementing the social networks into the game is what gives the game the label ‘social’. Players will have the possibility to buy a social shout-out feature, and by doing that they will connect with other players. So, you will be able to help other players around the world, no matter of their location or their gaming status.

Reality is what you make it. Reality is what you believe in. So take this chance and escape the boundaries of the gaming world as we know it. With RonRik, reality is a simple thing.







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