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Return of blog?

I've made numerous attempts to blog before, but each time lost interest. Let's see how this works when I blog about the which I love to do: making games!

Vlado Jokic, Blogger

November 1, 2009

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Numerous blog attempts later, I am staring at another blog entry form. Each time I've seen one of these, I asked myself what my purpose for caring about a blog was. I never quite had an adequate answer but wanted to go with the flow and try out this phenomenon that was new at the time. It never stuck as I didn't really care to have my thoughts read, nor did I care to have an online-visible personal journal. Not very personal if you ask me.

So what's different this time? Maybe nothing, maybe everything. I finally feel there is something worth writing about, as I've taken the step towards entering the industry as a professional game developer and not a hobbyist. I'm finding that my love, passion, and vision for what I do have all led me to discover things about gaming that are only now becoming relevant, and some which have not yet appeared on the map. I feel there is much I wish to discuss with the Gamasutra community, so this will be my attempt at stirring up a fire of interesting discussions. 

To the Gamasutra community: Thank you for fostering a place of intelligent conversation and enlightening articles and editorials! Your activities have nurtured my passion through the years where I couldn't yet take the leap towards realizing my dreams. It's rare to find a place where the comments are worth reading as much as the articles themselves, but this site is definitely it! I hope I can become an active a contributor through my experience of developing our team's first independet commercial title, and thus give back to the community which has given to much to our team!

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