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In the past years, the gaming industry had shifted it's focus on the moneymaking players who excel in games competitively, and casual players who just want to rest and enjoy the game might need to invest some time finding a quality title for their needs.

Over the past decades, the gaming industry had grown into a tremendous success, allowing young people to excel at doing what they love and showing the world that playing is not all fun and games. It can be a hard labor and the universes that hide behind various gaming titles are so much more than just cool graphics. It takes investing time and energy into understanding the competitive gaming arena and moreso - making a name for yourself in one. Seeing that the gaming industy had grown so much, makes me proud and anxious to see Heroes of the Storm and other titles compete at the Olympics. 

I'll play Arthas as long as it's fun and root for others who will compete for the world's domination knowing that, as a target market, I may be a minority but feeling pride for those who made my favorite gaming world into what it is today.

At the same time, pursuing stardom in gaming holds no interest to me - a casual player. I love playing but as long as it is fun and as long as I can keep my mind of RL by role-playing a bigass orc warrior in the midst of legendary battle swinging giant axe on the battlefield with arrow sticking out of my butt. All this until I die... Then I just say "Screw it" and go play on someone's nerves for an hour or so. 

Games for fun, is what I am after. Those that offer an option of laid-back excitement on my own terms. Be it open world or open bar. At this point it feels that all of the highest quality titles are either focused on cometitive arena or dead-end difficulty levels. Not at all a bad thing but after trying to beat a level for 42 times in my favorite game, I'd like to have an option of going back and dumping my rage with a baseball bat on a few digital hookers or Templars, until I regenerate enough to try beating my roadblock again. These do not make me want to play the game less, but not having anything else to do after I get stuck, does. 

There are games that offer everything to any kind of player. The choice of titles is rich. Having more option of choice is my plea to the future game developers. It does not take much to allow me some non-progressive freedom to explore the game if I am stuck. I'll still come back. In fact, I did not come back to those titles that offered no leeway and gladly attempted to beat those who did. Over and over till I succeeded. 

This all is very subjective based on inner feeling from the games I enjoy playing. Maybe I'm just digging too much into it or maybe there are others out there who may share this sentiment. 

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