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TT Games reportedly had several Lego games in various stages of development, and most of them have since been quietly killed or are in danger of being canceled.

Justin Carter, Contributing Editor

March 8, 2023

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Cover art for TT Games' Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

A report from NintendoLife alleges that TT Games has canceled multiple projects, including an in-development Lego Disney game. 

That unannounced game was quietly killed last year (after four years of development), and was known as "Project Marley." It reportedly featured Lego versions and worlds of popular Disney franchises such as Frozen, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Toy Story. TT Games also reportedly struggled with the game's direction, not helped by the release of 2022's Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

Since 2005's Lego Star Wars, TT Games has developed Lego games based on a variety of popular franchises. Over the years, the studio has put out several large-scale Lego titles, and some of them within the same year. 

Other projects said to have been canned are Lego games respectively based on Guardians of the Galaxy (Project Cosmic), Stranger Things and Warner Bros. properties (Project Rainbow Road), and a mobile version of the 2017 game Lego Worlds. 

In the case of Project Cosmic, NintendoLife claims it was in development for 18 months before its cancellation. It's further alleged that Project Rainbow Road was made from the remains of a Funko game before 10:10 Games acquired the Funko license. TT Games tried to salvage the project before canceling it. 

TT Games' long-running problems may be surfacing again 

In 2022, TT Games released Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, which hit 3.2 million sales in two weeks. Even that isn't exempt from the developer's troubles. 

Further in its report, NintendoLife claims DLC for the TV series The Mandalorian is reportedly in danger of being cancelled, along with another Lego Batman game. The state of both projects is allegedly due to TT Games working on a Lego Harry Potter game in the vein of The Skywalker Saga

Prior to Skywalker Saga's release, there were allegations of crunch and abuse at the UK-based studio. Current and former developers claim TT Games has had long-running issues with crunch, to the point that staffers reportedly worked for 80-100 hours while creating Skywalker

It's further been claimed that developers clashed with management over the game's engine (Unreal Engine v. the studio's proprietary NTT Engine), and mistreatment of QA and women employees. 

Developers at TT Games were reportedly burned out by the time of Skywalker Saga's release. One can only imagine how they feel now with multiple scrapped projects, two other projects in jeopardy, and replicating that game's format for another franchise it worked on nearly 15 years ago. 

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