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Red Faction game from Chorus dev Fishlabs among cancelled Embracer projects

Under Fishlabs' direction, the Red Faction series would've returned with a goal of evoking the cult classic, Red Faction: Guerrilla.

Justin Carter, Contributing Editor

June 21, 2024

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Alec Mason in Red Faction: Guerrilla--Remarstered Edition.
Image via Volition/THQ Nordic.

German developer Fishlabs was developing a new Red Faction game—at least until parent company Embracer canceled the project.

According to a new report from RockPaperShotgun, the Chorus studio was looking to revive the destructive open-world franchise. It was one of two projects Fishlabs was making, with the first being an original sci-fi game canceled months prior.

This new Red Faction game was apparently in the works in the same proximity as Embracer shutting down series creator Volition last year. Sources called this a "ghoulish" move to the outlet, but Fishlabs reportedly had a genuine interest in its sci-fi setting.

Staff from the scrapped original game ("Project Black") moved over to Red Faction, then-codenamed "Project White" and dubbed a "side hustle" since its team was tasked with pitching games based on Embracer IP.

Ultimately, Fishlabs wanted to make a "safe sequel" in line with 2009's Red Faction: Guerrilla. Despite this, it's also claimed the team looked at incorporating immersive sim elements like open-ended play styles and pitched the game to Embracer label Plaion via fake in-world trailers and cosplay.

Fishlabs' Red Faction project shattered the studio

Morale on "Project White" was said to be fairly good, and Plaion liked the pitches presented. But a 50/50 internal vote led to the project being canceled immediately, and it's claimed Fishlabs leadership was told to lay off "almost everyone" not working on a project actively in development.

The following weekend, 50 Fishlabs staffers were fired, with Embracer CEO Lars Wingefors attributing the move to a "lack of approval and financing."

According to RPS, Fishlabs is now operating as a cross-development team to support other studios. Chorus, which was released in 2021, was said to be "profitable" for the studio specifically, but not what Embracer expected commercial-wise.

Further insight into Fishlabs, how Embracer runs its studios, and the "troubled" development of "Project Black" can all be read here.

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