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Question Of The Week: How Would You Improve The Next iPad?

With Apple set to unveil its next generation of tablet computer next week, we ask what kind of gaming features you'd like to see included in the device.

Kyle Orland, Blogger

February 23, 2011

1 Min Read

Welcome to Gamasutra's newly revived Question of the Week series, where we ask you, as members of the Gamasutra community, to weigh in on topics of interest to the game developers and players.


iPad event


This week, our interest was piqued by today's all-but-confirmed announcement that Apple will be unveiling its second generation iPad in a press event next Wednesday.

The first iPad, of course, has become the world's first truly mass-market tablet computer in the last year. Developers have used its large, multi-touch display, internal tilt sensor, and built-in microphone to great effect, with best-selling titles ranging from PC conversions (World of Goo, Plants vs. Zombies), major console franchises (Madden NFL, Need for Speed Shift) and even original educational hits (Monkey Preschool Lunchbox).

With Apple now set to reinvent the hardware that reinvented tablet computing, our question to you is: What kind of new features would you like to see on the next iPad?

This is a video game site, of course, so please focus your answers on new features that will be of some use in game development (and please feel free to elaborate how you yourself would use these features in game projects).

No idea is too out there, so get your juices flowing and leave your thoughts in the comment thread below.

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