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Putting the finishing touches on Leadwerks for Linux

Here are some highlights as I finish up the development cycle to bring Leadwerks Game Engine to the Ubuntu operating system.

Josh Klint, Blogger

March 6, 2014

3 Min Read

I'm happy to say that Leadwerks now supports the entire process of making games natively on Linux.  Let's take a quick tour through the process.

First, we create a new project in the project wizard.  The project wizard will detect project templates (you can make your own) and let you make a game based on Lua script, or on a combination of C++ and script:

 Step two is to make your game.  Fortunately, you've got everything you need built into a single integrated editor, including script and shader debugging, automatic asset reloading, and built-in level design tools:

 Once you have something you want to share, the project publisher will copy all required files into an export directory.  Future feature idea: Add a call to a command-line tool to pack up .deb packages.  Or better yet, allow any arbitrary executable to be run at the end of the publishing process.

I have some more testing to do before release, but things are looking good!

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