The first of many entries on life and the creation of a game start up, which will hopefully entertain and enlighten me and you can read along as well.

Monday, February 10, 2014 9:40am

I am not really sure where to start, maybe with the realization that purgartory exist and I am in the middle of it. I mean this quite litterally too as I look up from my "station" I am surrounded by drab beige walls, fuax wood panelling and people (co-workers excluded for the most part) that I would have a hard time using as background character filler in any story. 

I could ask how I got myself into this position but that doesn't matter as much as the plan for transmuting limbo into paradise...

So im going to start a game company, but how do I actually go about doing that, especially since I have no money? I remember from my early HS business training that there is alot of planning and paperwork that needs to be done, and thats before the filing of federal paprework.

1. : Good Ole Uncle Sam wants to help you.


Above is a good link which list the intial steps that you have at least take into consideration. I have yet to decide if im going to go throught each one step by step here, but I have done a first level read through each one, and have identified the first set of hurtles. 

I am going to have to take a moment to think about how to address this, and I cant do it while the shades are hounding me...


To be continued.


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