Production Survey -- Please Participate!

I'm conducting a survey regarding production practices at game studios. Roles of all types from studios of all sizes -- you're invited. And you can enter your studio to win a FREE production analysis from Fuller Game Production.

What's This All About?

This survey is about improving your studio's production processes. It is:

  • Brief -- only 10 questions
  • Anonymous -- you can enter contact information if you like, but it's not required


Who's invited to take the survey?

  • Production coordinators
  • Producers (associate, executive, rookie, veteran)
  • Group managers (those responsible for a department of engineers, artists, etc)
  • Studio leaders

Whether your company focuses on console, PC, web, mobile, download-only, or retail -- and regardless of your studio size or geographic location -- I want to know how you're working to improve your production processes.


Please forward this to any production folk you know elsewhere in your company or the industry -- the more responses, the more meaningful the results.


The survey is open from now until March 13. I'll post my initial analysis right here on Gamasutra during the week of March 21 so everyone can get some insight into the results.


What about the free production analysis?


Just for completing the survey, you have the option to enter your studio for a chance to win a free visit and production analysis from Fuller Game Production. The details would be worked out to meet the winner's needs, but I'm prepared to offer at no charge:

  • A 2-day visit with your studio during which I'd meet with developers, production staff, and studio management to understand your processes and learn about your company's needs and challenges.
  • A written analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the studio's production practices along with recommendations for improvement -- concrete steps based on experience, not just theory. This analysis would address all levels of the organization: frontline contributors, production, and leadership.
  • A discount on any future training, consulting service, or solution implementation from Fuller Game Production.


There are some stipulations, e.g. limit on travel expenses -- I can't eat the total cost of visiting you if your studio is on the moon. I will pay for my own accommodations once I get there, though.


The winning company will be receiving the benefits of 13 years of AAA dev experience and the knowledge of a credentialed PMP for free. I normally charge infinitely more than zero, so that's quite a deal.


I'm In. How Do I Take The Survey?


Go to and click the big green button! If you have any questions feel free to send them to [email protected]

Thanks very much for participating!

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