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Preparing for Kickstarter

What, exactly, I’ve been working on at my internship for the past 3 months.

Kate Reichert, Blogger

November 15, 2012

3 Min Read

I’ve been interning for Products for Robots for several months now, and most of that time has been spent preparing for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. We want to raise money for the release of Metacell, an awesome twitch puzzle shooter game. With everyone and their great grandmother flocking to the fundraising site for that sweet, sweet money, we’re attempting to stand out from the crowd. Here’s what we’ve done so far:

1. Create our product
I was not involved with this part, as I am only a baby intern. The actual owners/employees of Products for Robots have been working to have most of the game prepared before the campaign, however, because if we raise our goal we don’t want to fail to deliver the goods.

2. Add to the team
This is where I come in! Along with the people involved in actually creating the game, such as our awesome artists, writers, and coders, Products for Robots added several interns to assist with the campaign. We’re here to create press releases and generally make our advertising as shiny as possible, as well as writing up anything we need for the campaign.

3. Research everything
And I do mean everything. All of us have been reading about Kickstarter for months. We’ve looked at success stories, failures, and everything in between. I looked at tips and tricks until my eyes bled, and we’ve discussed various strategies to share our amazing product with the public for hours. 

4. Battle plan
After much research and discussion, we wrote up a battle plan. This includes the pre-campaign prep work, our presence during the 60 days, and a timeline for afterwards. We decided on the content we wanted to use for the campaign page, and how we will use various forms of media.

5. Creating a web presence for the company
This is ongoing, as Products for Robots is still a very young company. We have been attempting to write up articles and press releases to get our name out there. We are working with social media (you can like us on Facebook or tweet at us @TweetsForRobots, by the way). Products for Robots also recently hosted a 48 hour game jam competition in our hometown. 

6. Preparing campaign videos
We have created a slew of videos for the duration of the campaign. From introducing Metacell to exploring the gameplay to interviewing the characters, we’ve included as much in-depth information as possible. The videos are high-quality stop motion, and trust me- they are AWESOME.

7. Write up the body of the campaign page
As I type this, I’m working with another intern to flesh out our outline for the campaign page. We are trying to include as much information as possible without creating a block of boring text, and hopefully it will pay off. By explaining everything from a detailed description of the world of Metacell to exactly how donations will be used, we want to bring potential donors into the loop as much as possible. 



Our campaign doesn’t start until 12/12/12 (best date ever), so we have yet to see whether or not our plans will succeed. Either way, I’ll be reporting back with campaign information and an analysis of our work.

Any suggestions? Please let me know in the comments! 

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