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Pitching Media and Influencers - Do's and Don'ts

I added my personal email to the 1400+ YouTubers list posted on Gamasutra a few weeks ago. After receiving over 100 emails, I decided to share my findings and provide a list of things people should pay attention to when approaching media and influencers.

Albert Palka, Blogger

August 4, 2016

1 Min Read

After releasing the big YouTubers list on Gamasutra a while ago, my friend (shoutouts to Nitek!) suggested me to add my email to the list to see how people use it.

To this date, there are over 100 emails sitting cozily in my inbox. After reading all of them, and collecting free STEAM keys (yay!), I am ready to share my findings.

The easiest way to do it was in a form of a presentation. Click on the image below and enjoy!

Key takeaways (tl;dr):

- Always introduce yourself and your game before asking for anything
- Provide VALUE (content, keys and/or builds, press kit)
- Check your text for errors
- Personalize your message as much as possible
- Pitch / Press Release is a tool, not a solution

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