Phil Spencer says Xbox Game Pass is sustainable "right now"

Is anything *truly* sustainable when you think about it? The heat death of the universe will happen one day.

Xbox Game Pass has made some headlines for missing targets in the last few months, but the company doesn't think of it as a loss-leading product right now. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has told Axios that as of this very moment, Xbox Game Pass is a "sustainable" product for the company.

Spencer waved off the notion that Microsoft is still waiting for some future payoff, telling the newsletter service that he "know[s] there's a lot of people that like to write [that] we're burning cash right now for some future pot of gold at the end."

"Game Pass is very, very sustainable right now as it sits," he elaborated. "And it continues to grow."

How many Game Pass users are there, and how much money is it pulling in? That's still up for debate, something Spencer acknowledged as well. "I guess you don't know how many subscribers or how much each subscriber is paying," he admitted.

(Phil, if you want, you can just tell us!)

You can read more of Spencer's conversation with Axios for more details on where Xbox is going as the platform celebrates its twentieth anniversary. Or maybe you could just go play some Halo Infinite multiplayer,.

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