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Dr. Gregory Sadler at the Marist University in New York recently posted a video concerning the intersection of Philosophy and Gaming, and it is super interesting.


Josiah Blaisdell, Blogger

March 19, 2014

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Hello Folks,

A few hours ago Dr. Gregory Sadler at Marist University and some guy named Zachery Taylor who seems to know quite a bit about gaming put a video of a discussion concerning Philosophy and Gaming up on Youtube. Both Dr. Sadler and Zachery have some interesting questions and things to say on the topic of how we can use topics in Philosophy to improve games. Dr. Sadler never ceases to impress, I really enjoy his content on youtube.

This is probably the start of a grander discussion. There's a lot of value in answering the question "How can we take advantage of the models of society, thought, behavior and interaction that philosophy presents to enhance the fun of games?" Can we use Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit to create a game that captures how terrible it is to try and solve a problem without giving consideration to the history of attempts to solve a problem. Could a game be made that re-tells the story of Meno and "Virtue in the Cave?"

Where they start talking about "consequences for your actions" I start getting all kinds of interesting ideas. I feel like there's a disconnect that could be removed between the player and the game when you start discussing the consequences of a players actions within a game, which consequences are natural and which consequences are discussed and determined by a community.

Some of it rambles, but some of it is really interesting, I'd really like to see more discussions like this. I feel like it would be really novel if we could get someone somewhat well known with lots of experiance in a conversation like this.

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