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Ninja Twins released on OUYA

Personal experience creating my first game on OUYA and some opinions that how far can go the console.

Game Developer

September 4, 2013

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My first coded game was released on OUYA yesterday but appears today featured in the "Play like BAWB" section. Still needs more votes to appear on Puzzle/trivia and out from "Sandbox".

Ninja Twins is made using Multimedia Fusion 2 , and engine on practically you do not code anything, all is made adding events/conditions. I guess i will write some postportem about it in the next days.


- Programming/Test on OUYA

Without problems and very easy. Insert the USB with the .APK, install and test!.

Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3kRU_Sy-1M

The unique problem was the "Safe Zone" on i stretch the buttons to fit all inside the TV and deactivate some options in the particles that cause a drastic drop of frames when some blocks explode.


- What i hope from Ninja Twins on  OUYA?

The game is totally free and all the exposure, reviews, mentions,etc... that can give me the port to OUYA is welcomed.

I made a very hard game on actually after more than 5 months still nobody finished the game. I bring the game to all the platforms possibles and with only one people that can say the game is the most fucking mind-blowing outstanding hard puzzle game he played i will be happy! XD.


- OUYA, Yes or Not?

Depends what things are you looking in the console.

NOT, if you want to get rich developing games on OUYA or playing great AAA titles.

YES, if you want play more hard games than normal or with new/experimental concepts or develop games to be released on a console on you can get more exposure/visibility than other saturated sites like AppStore or similar. On if you can develop a fun/addictive game can get some money to finance the next ones.


IMHO, the OUYA not have or need to be a success to be a good option to develop games on it. While the process to develop games and the effort of his staff to bring new features be equal than now i'm sure they will receive more and better games.

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