Netflix has games based on shows like The Queen's Gambit in the works

Netflix will also expand its catalog with titles from notable game companies including Ustwo and Devolver.

Netflix has confirmed it will expand its video game catalog to almost 50 titles by the end of 2022 with the addition of new projects from notable studios and developers.

Further outlining its plans for Netflix Games during its 'Geeked Week' event, the streaming company announced a deluge of new and upcoming releases, including some based on popular Netflix projects such as La Casa de Papel (a.k.a. Money Heist) and The Queen's Gambit.

Among those newly announced titles is Shadow and Bone: Destinies, a single-player mobile RPG based on the fantasy television series; Too Hot To Handle, another mobile project based on the dating show of the same name; The Queen's Gambit Chess, a strategic puzzler from UK studio Ripstone based on the Netflix miniseries; and Lucky Luna, a platformer based on Japanese folklore from Alto's Odyssey creator Snowman.

There's also Desta: The Memories Between, a new project from Monument Valley developer Ustwo that's being pitched as a turn-based strategy game inspired by doodgeball; Terra Nil, a strategy city building game with an emphasis on the climate crisis from publisher Devolver Digital; and Poinpy, a vibrant veritical climber from the creator of Downwell.

Other titles such as Spiritfarer will also be added to the fledgling service, which launched in November 2021 with a handful of titles.

Since then, Netflix has significantly expanded its slate of internal studios with the high-profile acquisitions of Next Games and Boss Fight Entertainment. The company also purchased Oxenfree developer Night School Studio in September last year.

Earlier this year Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said the company hopes to "build up the know-how and the creative chops to be able to make some really great gains" in the video game market.

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