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Need Help Finding Job Testing Games

Javier Contreras, Blogger

July 16, 2009

1 Min Read

How is everyone doing?

As we all know economy is not doing so well, I devoted my life to a company that use to sell video games for about 8 years I was a sales manager, but company got bought out by competitors and I was lleft with out a job, I love videogames and the gaming industry, searching for a new job in the same field (videogames) I came across and add on the web that said that I could become a game tester (QA Tester they called it) but I need it to become a meber or the site in order to get the job info.

Well here I am, paid the money they asked for but after 3 months of searching I still havent foun no info or better no job relating to Game Tester, I dont know if I dont know how to use the site cause im fairly new to it so I hope some one reeeds this and could lend a hand.. Thank you

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