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My earlier heart on halo image is now a movie.

Ben Lewis-Evans, Blogger

December 15, 2011

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A while back I blogged about playing around with a heart monitor and tracking the changes in my heart as I played a game of Halo Reach (Slayer on Zealot  to be exact). 

Well after that a kind fellow on Reddit (using the username Sacharified) converted my saved film to video for me to use. However adding the information to the video proved harder than I thought, and then my workload of finishing my PhD got in the way. 

I have been feeling bad about it since then though, and I recently got some free time so I booted up iMovie and gave it another go. You can see the result here (can you embed movies in these blog posts btw? I tried just editing the HTML but no luck there).

The data I am using is slightly different from the image, as this time I converted it to Heart Rate (the inverse of the Interbeat interval data I used in the image). Also there are some imperfections introduced due to me being a noob at video editing and having to eyeball the overlay on the movie.

All of this said, I find it interesting to watch in real time (you can see what look like exceptancy effects in the data, where I react to information on my radar or am already deciding a fight is won/lost) and I hope it is at least somewhat interesting to some you too. 

Oh and yes, I am not great at Halo and I watching the betrayal at 1:23 is much more painful to me than just marking "betrayal" on a static image (sorry HarryDah!).

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