Mobile publisher Nordcurrent acquires River End Games

With River End under its belt, Nordcurrent aims to get deeper into the console and PC game market while maintaining its strong mobile presence.

Nordcurrent, publisher of mobile titles such as Happy Clinic and Ocean's Heart, has acquired River End Games for an undisclosed fee. The debut project from the Gothenburg-based developer will be published by Nordcurrent, marking its expansion into the larger console and PC market. 

While Nordcurrent has released titles for both platforms in the past, it's chiefly concerned with iOS and Android games. River End is at work on a single-player PC and console project expected to release in 2025, a market which has grown significantly in recent years thanks to blockbuster and medium-sized hits.

This past June, it announced its plans to publish indie games from third-party developers through its Nordcurrent Labs label. River End's project will fall under this banner, similar to efforts made by other indie publishers this year like Ghost Ship Games and Stray Fawn.

CEO and co-founder Victoria Trofimova called the acquisition "a big step in our strategy to expand beyond mobile gaming. [...] There is a lot of innovation happening in the PC and console ecosystem, and I'm looking forward to Nordcurrent and River End taking an active role in this evolving market."

River End Games was founded in 2020 by Jonas NordlingKarl Broström, and Anders Hejdenberg. The three have previously worked on titles such as Terminator Salvation and Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, and the near-20-person staff includes alum from DICE, Grin (Bionic Commando Rearmed), and The Outsiders (Metal: Hellsinger).

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