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MMO - A dying breed, finally? JK!

A little look at the lifecycle of, i wont say the most popular MMO, il say the most advertised/viral? dno.

zally zoop, Blogger

September 6, 2011

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I used to wake up in the morning and login. Those days are behind me now.

Well, perhaps that is a bit of a bold statement. I've tried to put those days behind me before, going into my 5th year of University education, studying Gameplay and Production, having tournament wins (+ $$$) under my belt, having constructed pretty giant online community and rep.

The reality is I still have access to differnt accounts from differnt games I've played over the years, and yes WoW is one of the big ones. I've tryed to brush them under the carpet but on a rainy saturday when my GF is away and my housemate is busy, u know the rest.

I've decided upon a new strategy to dampen my vice. 2 words

Transformation (jk 1 word) (sorry we actually do this irl, its stupid, jk its not)

Im trying to Transform. I know im transforming IRL, job, relationship, diet and exercise, cashflow, study, they are all +++

Now im trying to transform the way i spend my precious gaming hours, why shouldnt I ?

These, gaming hours, have transformed, i used to have 15 a day? Now i have 1 or 2.

Well anyway, the point of this blog isnt about me, thats why im not putting any fine details in. The point is that, although I am going to transform my agenda,

millions are not. 

What, as games developers, designers, publishes, can we do to help these guys have a more streamlined experience. Isnt it a bit of a shame we push and care so much about virtues such as Gamification, but that alone is still not a polished, complete concept?

I still watch tv's, read books, play football in the park, the same way I did before.

I feel a Gamer deserves better.

So, there is alot of questions that could arise from this, I'll present one.

Are we shortchanging players by implementing systems such as experience/level to achieve unlocks, in not just our MMO's but FPS and other Genres.

Tennis is still fun, Pong can be too. 

I still play street fighter 2 and 3, just as 4.

Why cant i play the most mainstream of games, CoD 1? It was great back then.



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