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Mistakes leading to Solution

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Vijay sharma, Blogger

July 10, 2010

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As an independent Developer & Publisher for more than 1 year.  I faced a lot of problems in developing and publishing. I am a game designer who invests in his own ideas for development

I will talk about difficulties in publishing and making money out of my work in this post along with the solution we have come up with.

Our first game was flick & dodge for Iphone very badly coded so didnt expect much success on it. But we landed up winning some recognition for it at Mobile Content 2009 at Korea. A finalist along with some real big names on the side. Could we make money out of it NO.

Then we made Caper for Iphone again. But this time we used an engine using with which we could port the game to multiple platforms. It was a good success as we divided the title into three games. Could we make any extra money above our development cost?  NO.

We were a successful failure. Why ? 


  • Two products in  one year. 

  • Slow development because of part time coders. (small budgets)

  • No proper QA done as products are already delayed and we want immediate money to survive. So we need to make the game live to earn some money. Hurry in releasing.

  • No advertising or publicity. As we have no money.

  • Some cheap advertising on some big portals didn't help.

  • Nobody is reviewing us. As we all know how it works.

  • Graphic quality medium level.

  • We were not business savvy. We needed support there.

So we made all the possible mistakes knowingly as we were not having enough funds to support development or publishing(advertising). But we want to do it so we kept doing it.


We won multiple awards but most of them were ideas. Our one of the ideas is patented by a mobile giant too. So money came in definitely but from ideas not from released products.


Coming back to Caper our Iphone game.


So people are showing interest in Caper. We want to sell it to a publisher now finally. So that they can take it ahead in the big way. Due to the great engine which we used we can sell its rights for multiple platforms from Iphone to web to PC to consoles to most of the platforms.

So we started trying but not that lucky and tired of trying to reach people. Some people offered  some figures but not the right figures. So we could not take it.


 Tired of looking, trying, searching, developing, social seeding everything. 


So we learnt our lessons. As most of other indie developers we were also having a short life span. Its time to go back to daily job.


We realized that we need a place which can take care of mostly everything. A place to bridge the gap between developers and publishers. A place where developers can make straight money and have some profits and lot more. A place which can help publishers to save at risk, cost, time and more. A perfect solution which can actually do somethiing for both Developers and Publishers.


So we made Gamecot ( www.gamecot.com)


Caper could be used so beautifully in so many ways and on so many platforms because of the great engine. Some people developed some social apis for that engine completely free.

We can do so much with Caper now but cant, as dont have money to go in development again but soemone else could do this who has a team and money.


At Gamecot we support both Developers and Publishers. Trying to help them with best deals possibles. Showing them the new possibilties with their existing work and lot more.


We want to build relations with both developers and publishers for their best. We are not just a marketplace. We want to bridge that gap and open new possibilities. So most independent teams can be successful and they can do what they love to.


Some real big names have joined us and we are hoping that we will be able to do our best.


Am I trying to introduce Gamecot here? YES 


If I have made any mistakes in writing above.  I am really sorry about that as I am not a good writer. 


Do give feedback and throw more light so that we all can learn more.




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