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Mission Statements

What does your mission statement really say about your company?

This is just a short post before my lunch is over. I'd love to have a good thread of comments and get your feedback.

The average

Most companies have a mission statement. These came into vogue decades ago for reasons believed to be positive. The Fifth Discipline actually goes into some detail about how these should be crafted, how they're impactful, and how they've been abused and misused.

A simple question

What is the "human purpose" for a mission statement. Obviously, if I'm a potential buyer, I want to read that the company has a devotion to quality and making things that interest me. But, is that a correct interpretation of what the reader will believe? Are they the correct audience?

I propose that this is completely falacious. Potential product owners are less concerned with promises made in a statement that's probably hidden on a corporate page somewhere. But, who, then, is the intended target?

The employee.


A mission statement, when built correctly, can furnish a wealth of understanding and shape to a company. Many mission statements are cut and dry, almost lawyer speak. They leave imagination out of it.

What I want

For once, I’d like to work for a company with a statement akin to, “We humbly want to attempt the insurmountable, to craft an inspired, courageous experience that will resonate with the truth we see and believe."

Instead of the typical, "We make [engaging|cutting edge|dastardly] stuff and put out products that people think are [awesome|compelling|addictive|worth spending money on].”

Why? Because that’s a bold thing to say! Look at the language. There are words that are laden with emotional intent. It’s a promise to employees and the audience that the company is NOT just pushing products, but really deeply thinking about what they are doing, how they are doing it, and how well they are doing it.

What are your thoughts? Have you seen particularly bad mission statements? Inspiring ones? Don't care? Does your company have one? How often are your employees reminded of it? How often do you remind yourself of the mission statement?

Thanks for reading! 

About the Author

Andrew Andreas Grapsas is a game programmer at Arkadium, Inc. developing facebook games. Previously, he was a gameplay and animations programmer at Kaos Studios|THQ, and intern systems programmer on Medal of Honor.

Andrew is actively writing and programming for various projects. You can read more at his blog He promises to update it soon.

Follow Andrew on twitter!

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