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Meeple Like Us, March 2018

This is what's been going on in the world of Meeple Like Us in March of 2018.

Michael Heron, Blogger

April 1, 2018

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You can read more of my writing over at the Meeple Like Us blog, or the Textual Intercourse blog over at Epitaph Online.  You can some information about my research interests over at my personal homepage, or on my profile at Robert Gordon University.


Hello! It is that time again - it's time for us to brief you on everything that we've been doing over the past month. After a few months of frantic activity, we've been a little on the quiet side in March. It's all go in the real world, which means that the Meeple World has to take something of a backseat.

The biggest news for the month is that we just passed 200,000 hits for our second year of operation and I am extremely excited about that. So excited that I took some of the special features and editorials on the topic of board game reviews and the ethics of journalism and put them in an ebook available at a low, low price! There's even a chapter in there telling you why you shouldn't do any of this because Oh My God it is SO TIME CONSUMING. If you picked it up, liked it, and wanted to leave an aggressively positive review I certainly couldn't and wouldn't do anything to stop you.

At the start of the month we announced that we'll be doing a board game accessibility seminary at the UKGE in 2018. This is a great opportunity for us to talk directly to people about this issue, and if you're there and around I would hugely appreciate your support and time.

Our first bit of regular content for the month was our accessibility teardown of Fog of Love, which is interesting in many ways but especially for the fact it turns games night into a potential emotional minefield.

We did our review and teardown of Spyfall and our review and teardown of Schotten-Totten - a game I wanted to berate for its stereotypical Schortbread Tin Schotland portrayal but ended up finding more endearing than enraging.

We also looked at Rhino Hero: Super Battle and its associated teardown and finished off the month with our review of Red7. Its teardown made it just under the wire, being published this morning JUST IN TIME.

Finally, we also published our monthly roundup for March of 2018, hopefully shining a bit of light on some of the excellent work out there that is being done by others.

Thanks for stopping by, and see you all again next month!

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