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Meeple Like Us, March 2017

Here is the Meeple Like Us news for March of 2017, discussing the state of board game accessibility as we explore the design landscape.

Michael Heron, Blogger

April 3, 2017

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You can read more of my writing over at the Meeple Like Us blog, or the Textual Intercourse blog over at Epitaph Online.  You can some information about my research interests over at my personal homepage, or on my profile at Robert Gordon University.


Hello Internet it's your boy here to tell you all about Meeple Like Us and our doings this month. Our doings include many things, many exciting things, mainly related to playing games and then writing about them!

So, first of all we started off with our review of Sushi Go and the teardown. It's a game that has its fervent admirers, but I alas am not one of them. It's fine, it's just - fine is a low threshold for a game these days.

I'm more of a fan of Seasons, which turns the passage of time itself into a resource to be squandered or cherished depending on the state of play. As usual, we accompanied our review with a teardown in accordance with the Meeple Like Us style guide.

Next was the simple (too simple) Cube Quest which gave us our first opportunity so far to discuss the accessibility implications of a dexterity game. There will be more of those to come over the coming months, I'm sure!

By far the meatiest game we covered this month was the intimidating Star Trek: Frontiers which is a re-skin of Mage Knight for the Star Trek universe. It's very good, but it's not a game that I have any interest at all in teaching to anyone so is likely to remain a solo pleasure for the forseeable future. It's also the newest holder of our least accessible game award, claiming it handily from Blood Bowl.

We ended the month with the genuinely fantastic fun of Jaipur and its solid accessibility profile. My favourite thing on Meeple Like Us is when a game I love is accessible, and that's the case here. That's tremendously exciting, and everyone should go out and buy it.

We also did a guest post for Brandon the Game Dev, talking about why accessibility matters to designers. I spent a lovely evening too talking bout game accessibility with the Our Turn podcast, and I'll give you a nudge when that discussion goes live.

Next month marks our first full year of operation (on the 6th), and as a head's up we'll be doing a giveaway of a $50 Amazon Voucher to mark the occasion. You heard it here first!

See you next month!

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