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Maya Breaker playable demo released

Releasing a demo of my upcoming indie game

Michael Hayes, Blogger

March 9, 2014

1 Min Read

In the last week, I've made more progress on my video game than I have in the past year. A miasma of factors contributed to this, the most prominant is that I have a Kickstarter to promote. If I didn't get a playable demo out by then, no one would review or report on it. Deadlines are Magic.


The real problem came when the demo was actually uploaded. I got a Google+ message stating a number of glaring bugs. I had to turn around and fix them, then re-upload before anyone could notice. This was before I made the major announcment. The real lesson is that promotion has to take equal footing when you are making an indie game. If you scream from the rooftops and no one listens, it can crush your soul. What are games made of if not soul?


The campaign is here:



Also on Steam Greenlight:



site with playable Demo


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