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A talk about how I got into games. I started at 13, released my first published game at 18, and at 22 released a game called Pillar for PlayStation 4 with no formal education. Now I'm starting a Youtube channel to share everything I've learned!

Michael Hicks

September 22, 2017

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Hey everyone! My name is Michael Hicks, and I'm a self-taught game developer. I released Pillar for PS4 in 2015, and recently announced The Path of Motus for PS4 and Xbox One. Throughout the years I've had people ask for info on how to get into game development, so I'm launching a Youtube channel to have all the info in one accessible place. I'll share everything I've learned about programming, game design and marketing/PR. I've worked on five published games and my last game was played by over 320,000 players worldwide.

If you'd like to hear my entire story and how I learned from the failures I faced, I've posted a talk called Making Video Games From Nothing:

If you've never programmed before (or know someone looking for a place to start), I've also put up an Intro To Programming series to teach you the basics of C#:

The next programming series will walk you through creating a game in FNA, the open source recreation of XNA4. In the future I'll be covering different fields and hopefully interviewing other developers about their experiences! The goal is to have useful information for beginners and veterans alike.

I hope you'll subscribe to my channel and help spread the word! I'd also like your help in planning content... I'd love to hear any suggestions for topics you think I should cover.... either things you're interested in as a veteran dev, or info you think all beginners should know. Thanks!

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