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As an artist, a designer, and a teacher the role of producer for a small game project, Knick-Knax, is both familiar and foreign. This is a weekly journal of some of the things I've learned, experienced, and witnessed along the way.


August 17, 2015

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Fund Raising Part 2

The Knick Knax IndieGoGo Campaign was officially launched this week!

As I stated in my last blog, the intent was to raise $500, mostly for marketing purposes. So far we are 2 days into the 30 day campaign with 4 backers and a total of $60 in funding (12% complete). We are still a ways off in reaching our goal but of course we also have another 4 weeks left to promote the campaign.

This week I plan on adding the heart felt stories of two of our developers along with an updated video of all the changes we have made recently. It’s important to keep updating the campaign for its entirety and beyond. I personally care a lot about the project and the team that’s working on it. It’s not that hard to translate those same feelings towards those that support us. They are truly part of the Knick Knax team also. While the game itself is important, the people who play it are even more important. Developers will always do well to understand this simple but perspective altering concept.

The End Approaches….

Knick Knax is still on target for release in late August to early September. We should have the Beta available on Google Play this week. The end of the semester also approaches; in fact this is the last week. We have a lot to do. More than I will be able to accomplish actually. I was really hoping I could do more. This isn’t me saying I don’t intend on helping the students beyond the limits of the class, this is more of an acknowledgement that I might physically not be able to.  I’m getting married myself on August 22, 2015 and I’m inheriting 3 beautiful children. The pressure is on with my normal job, family responsibilities and my Master classes. This is where setting up the students for success is the most important thing I could do with the remaining time.

A few blogs ago I was showing off my logo design. I spend a good while afterwards creating an entire font using the Knick Knax lettering in order to give the students a template for making UI changes and to use in marketing content. I did the ground work and gave the team the tools to keep making content. Though, this isn’t to say they need a lot. The Knick Knax team is like a boulder on the edge of a hill. A little push is all they need, their momentum will take them the rest of the way.

As a teacher and industry professional I figured this was a great chance for me to help the students learn. I should have known better, I should have realized I was the one in need of the teaching. These were not just students; the Knick Knax team was a group of my peers. I most certainly learned more from them than they learned from me and that’s a good thing. We all need a lesson in humility every once in a while. I love the game industry, but I love the people in it even more!


IndieGoGo Campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/knickknax#/story

Official Website: http://rolalas90.wix.com/knickknax

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KnickKnaxGame

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KnickKnaxGame

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