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A press release written for Knick Knax


July 23, 2015

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Image Credit: Matthew Marquit / UAT Game Studios

Team size: 22

Target platforms: Android, iOS, PC (Web Browser)


Knick Knax is a family friendly puzzle game about the tale of two sock monkeys. The player assumes control of one of these two monkeys in an effort to reunite them with their companion. You progress through a world of common everyday settings but from the perspective of a small stuffed animal. The player is encouraged to explore the environment for solutions to physics based platforming puzzles. By manipulating the world around you, the player can create bridges that span otherwise impossible chasms and obstacles that impede their progression. The development team has focused on creating an experience that they hope is fun, creative and rewarding. A lead developer on the project, John Wisniewski, stated "In Knick Knax, we wanted to make a mobile game that captured the imagination and feeling of being a kid."

Above: Kids playtesting KnickKnax while game developers look on.

Image Credit: Lauren Fach

The Knick Knax team has gone to great lengths in order to build the best game possible. Joseph Keigher, another lead developers on the project, organized a gathering of kids from the local community to playtest their creation. The event not only brought public attention to the project but it allowed the developer to get feedback directly from the very individuals to whom the game is targeted towards. One excited playtester actually wrote "Poopinawesome!" while another noted that “It was really fun, I would buy it!” This kind of positive reaction is what the team hopes to instill in everyone who plays their game.

What they plan to have by summer’s end:

A learning experience can be about much more than simply teaching core concepts. In fact, UAT Game Studios allows students from various game production disciplines an opportunity to work together with a central cause. This recreates a real world production setting and gives students the chance to create complete and marketable games even before graduation.

Knick Knax is proud to announce that they are scheduled for a public release in September for both the Android and iOS platforms. The game will ship with 3 worlds and 18 playable levels. A level editor will be packed in with the initial release as well that allows the community to further expand the game's library of free content. Proposals have also been made to add even more content post launch such as addition levels and playable characters

While the team is mostly comprised of students the game they are producing exudes confidence and professionalism. For many members currently on the team Knick Knax is their first game release but from what we are seeing it’s obviously not their last.


Official Website: http://rolalas90.wix.com/knickknax

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KnickKnaxGame

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KnickKnaxGame

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