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Kliuless #59: Fundraising Free-for-All

Each week I compile a gaming industry insights newsletter that I publish broadly. Opinions are mine.

Kenneth Liu, Blogger

November 22, 2019

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Kliuless? Gaming Industry Insights #59

Hi, my name is Kenny Liu, and each week I compile a gaming industry insights newsletter that I publish broadly. Opinions are mine.

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Fundraising Free-for-All

  • N3twork raises $40mm, welcomes former Lionsgate president to board

  • Take-Two leads $20mm funding round into Spellbreak developer Proletariat

  • Mythical Games raises $19mm for blockchain-based games with ‘player-owned economies’

  • Ex-Peak team at Dream Games raises $7.5 million for mobile puzzle games

  • Arkane veterans launch WolfEye: a small studio making big games

  • Bunch raises $3.85mm for social mobile party app for gamers


  • HBR: How to Design Product Pages that Increase Online Sales  

  • Sensor Tower: Apple Arcade may be accelerating premium game decline, but not by much 

  • Newzoo: How Men and Women Discover and Choose Games in the West

  • Insights from Piper Jaffray's Generation Z survey of 9,500 U.S. teens

  • Blog: Has the hypercasual game genre peaked?


  • Stadia nearly doubles line-up just days before launch

    • Related: Google Stadia’s data use is over 100MB per minute at 1080p

  • Amazon reportedly announcing game streaming service next year

  • Microsoft's xCloud leaders discuss what they've learned (and still need to learn) about game streaming

  • Amy Hennig’s new studio will make ‘story-focused’ games for ‘emerging streaming platforms’

XR: AR / MR / VR

  • Half-Life: Alyx comes to PC VR in March

  • Oculus Link beta hands-on: How Quest might kill Rift S for wired PC VR

  • Lenovo plans sleek AR glasses that let PC users see multiple workspaces

  • Facebook’s DeepFovea AI promises power-efficient VR foveated rendering

  • Ubiquity6 launches Display.land app to capture, edit, and share augmented reality spaces

  • New Star-Wars-like 3D display that simultaneously projects video, sound, and even the sensation of touch

Tech / Entertainment

  • Sony establishes AI R&D division

  • DeepMind’s MuZero teaches itself how to win at Atari, chess, shogi, and Go

  • Disney+ surpasses 10mm subscribers on first day

    • Related: Netflix & Nickelodeon form multi-year deal in wake of Disney+ launch

  • TikTok tests social commerce

    • Related: TikTok Is Taking Over India

    • Related: Instagram tries to mimic TikTok with its new ‘Reels’ feature in Brazil  

  • Facebook’s first experimental apps from its ‘NPE Team’ division focus on students, chat & music

  • U.S. Lawmakers Propose Bill Limiting Government's Use of Facial Recognition

    • Related: Hikvision, one of China's biggest smart camera & face recognition companies, ran a marketing campaign promoting its ability to spot ethnic minorities


  • Paid subscriptions coming to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

  • Blizzard 'has completely changed,' say Diablo's original creators

  • Why ‘The Mandalorian’ cites Fortnite dev Epic Games in its credits

  • How doctors used VR and 3D printing to save a 2-year-old with a brain tumor  

  • Iran has turned off the internet, reacting to ongoing protests

  • HBR: Why “Connector” Managers Build Better Talent

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