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Kenneth Liu, Blogger

August 19, 2019

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Kliuless? Gaming Industry ICYMI #45

Hi, my name is Kenny Liu, and each week I compile a gaming industry insights newsletter that I publish broadly. Opinions are mine.

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Revenue Strategy

PC / Console

  • What we can learn from... Warframe

  • Bungie: Working on Destiny 2 "starting to wear people down”

  • Xbox considers multi-platform options for some first-party studios  

  • Singularity 6 raises $16.5M from a16z to create a ‘virtual society’

  • Klang raises $22.3 million for MMO space colony simulation Seed

  • THQ Nordic acquires Darksiders dev Gunfire and racing studio Milestone, and has plans for new Saints Row and TimeSplitters


  • Survey: Consumers want a folding iPhone and will pay $600 more for it

  • Samsung is baking Discord into its phones to let you chat with friends while mobile gaming  

XR: AR / MR / VR

  • Oculus VR cofounder Nate Mitchell is leaving Facebook

  • Snap debuts dual-camera Spectacles 3 glasses to create 3D AR content

  • Google Maps AR navigation launches in beta for compatible iOS and Android devices


  • Pakistani startup develops world’s first virtual reality Hajj simulator

  • Quake director Tim Willits explains why he’s joining Saber Interactive

  • Activision Blizzard appoints new Chief Marketing Officer, Chief People Officer

  • Unity releases game design and computer science tools for the classroom

  • Investor bails Loot Crate out after firm goes bankrupt

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