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Kenneth Liu, Blogger

July 11, 2019

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Kliuless? Gaming Industry ICYMI #40

Hi all, apologies for the hiatus! The past month has either been filled with work or vacation. This week I have formally given notice to Riot Games, and going forward I will publish my weekly gaming industry insights newsletter independently. Opinions are mine.

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Career Design

  • The Atlantic: Your Professional Decline Is Coming (Much) Sooner Than You Think

  • "A potential answer lies in the work of the British psychologist Raymond Cattell, who in the early 1940s introduced the concepts of fluid and crystallized intelligence. Cattell defined fluid intelligence as the ability to reason, analyze, and solve novel problems—what we commonly think of as raw intellectual horsepower. Innovators typically have an abundance of fluid intelligence. It is highest relatively early in adulthood and diminishes starting in one’s 30s and 40s. This is why tech entrepreneurs, for instance, do so well so early, and why older people have a much harder time innovating

  • Crystallized intelligence, in contrast, is the ability to use knowledge gained in the past. Think of it as possessing a vast library and understanding how to use it. It is the essence of wisdom. Because crystallized intelligence relies on an accumulating stock of knowledge, it tends to increase through one’s 40s, and does not diminish until very late in life

  • Careers that rely primarily on fluid intelligence tend to peak early, while those that use more crystallized intelligence peak later. For example, Dean Keith Simonton has found that poets—highly fluid in their creativity—tend to have produced half their lifetime creative output by age 40 or so. Historians—who rely on a crystallized stock of knowledge—don’t reach this milestone until about 60

  • Here’s a practical lesson we can extract from all this: No matter what mix of intelligence your field requires, you can always endeavor to weight your career away from innovation and toward the strengths that persist, or even increase, later in life"

PC / Console

  • Nintendo Switch Lite launches September 20 for $200

  • WSJ: Sony Positions Next PlayStation for Hard-Core Gamers

  • Sony Interactive Entertainment considering game company acquisitions

  • Amazon & Leyou will make a Lord of the Rings PC and console game

  • Mike Morhaime: The highlights and lessons of nearly three decades at Blizzard


XR: AR / MR / VR

  • Valve Index makes VR prettier, but it's the controllers that steal the show

  • Linden Lab’s Sansar partners with Monstercat to bring live music into VR


  • Sale of Nexon cancelled in lack of strategic buyers  

  • Tencent wins bigger share of game revenue from Android app stores

  • Bloomberg: Tencent Leads China's Effort to Slap Age Ratings on Games

  • Chinese government revokes business license of Devotion publisher Indievent

  • Tencent’s answer to Diablo Immortal bombed in China

  • McKinsey: China and the world: Inside the dynamics of a changing relationship 

  • SCMP's full China Internet Report 2019 and top 10 takeaways

Tech / Entertainment

  • Why Snapchat is making mobile games like Bitmoji Tennis

  • Elon Musk has solved Tesla’s problems using video games

  • Stratechery: Jony Ive Leaves Apple, Ive’s Legacy, The Post-Ive Apple

  • Netflix alternative Tubi passes 20mm MAU

  • WSJ: TikTok’s Strategy to Dominate Social Media

    • Related: TikTok owner ByteDance gathers 1bn MAU across its apps

  • FT: New Instagram chief reveals plans for online retailing     

  • White paper on Facebook's Libra


  • Cuphead getting Netflix series

  • Myst to be adapted for TV and film

  • Final Fantasy XIV is getting a live-action TV adaptation

  • EVE Online is in chaos after an unprecedented alien invasion

  • Ray tracing is finally starting to shine after E3

  • Epic Games is giving employees a fortnight off work

  • Zachtronics games are now free for public schools and educational nonprofits

  • Business Insider report on Gen Z

  • "There’s no turning back: Los Angeles is also a tech town now"

  • China's Fukong to Sell Jagex for $530M to Pare Debt

  • Bloomberg: Why Big Brother Doesn’t Bother Most Chinese

  • China Is Forcing Tourists to Install Text-Stealing Malware at its Border

  • Brazil’s games industry has more than doubled in size in four years   

  • Law against account boosting goes into effect in South Korea

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