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Kids Design Levels in Ultimate Chicken Horse!

Last week, Clever Endeavour had some very special guests. We had three kids come in to help us design levels for our game, as one of the rewards for a Kickstarter tier.

Richard Atlas

May 13, 2015

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Last week, Clever Endeavour was visited by some special guests.


Marcus, Nica, and Victoria came in with their father Mike to help us design one of the levels of our game, Ultimate Chicken Horse. As some of you may know, one of our Kickstarter campaign tiers involves designing a level, and we figured, why not let kids do it?
One early design proposed by Marcus:

The kids came in and described some amazing levels to us, complete with moving parts, platforming challenges, and settings (arctic, industrial garage, etc.) The level we decided on together was an Egyptian pyramids themed level with a Sphinx and pyramid that you could run through and jump on.

They also proposed some sweet character designs, and while they weren't in for the "character design" tier, it's still fun to look at and keep in mind for the final designs.



If you want to do the same, there are still some Kickstarter reward tiers left where you could do this! We had a lot of fun explaining a bit about game development and how we create art to the kids, and we ended up with a sweet level.

Altogether an awesome experience, and it just reinforces the idea that trying new things in the gaming space can be very rewarding.

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