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Kids as Young as 4-Years-Old Need 14 Hours of Screen Time a Day

Fingerprint shares what's working for kids and games on this April 1st.

Nancy MacIntyre, Blogger

April 1, 2014

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After examining the behavior of the children who play games and engage with the edutainment on Fingerprintplay.com, we’ve determined that pre-kindergarten children need to avoid too much outdoor activity and should spend about 14 hours a day on tablets, smartphones and computers.  Top US psychiatrists adamantly agree with our findings and recommend that children come in from the outdoors and play educational games on their parents’ tablets.

Contrary to the widely held belief that children need to exercise, read books and spend quality time with their families, psychiatrists are shifting their old, time-worn, beliefs and are recommending a massive increase in the amount of screen time children need.  In fact, according to the Psychiatrists for Gamers Association, teenagers should hold off dating until after college so they can get enough screen time during their days.

Chrissy B., president of the Psychiatrists for Gamers Association, told us recently that parents are doing their children a disservice by limiting their screen time.  She said that 7-year-old girls should not be concerned about learning to ride a horse or play the piano.  Instead they should be glued to the “second screen” when they aren’t watching television.

Edutainment and entertaining mobile games are clearly the relevant tools to teach and prepare our future leaders.  We’ll still see some unfortunate children who grow up to be outdoorsy, nature-lovers or archeologists who uncover the hidden secrets of mankind.  Their contributions will remain invaluable.  But the future leaders who currently play games and interact with e-books and videos, will be our society’s idols within ten years.

Just look at what they are learning already.  They can beat most grown-ups at trivia.  They know their veggies’ tales better than adults.  They’ve grasped the history of US explorers, and they are learning new languages. 

Ten-year-olds can create an online video in minutes, they can send text messages without learning how to write or type since they can talk into their phones, and they are doing advanced math with their online calculators and websites with the answers easily available!  What else do they need?  Sore muscles from playing soccer for a few hours?

Yup, the future success for all of mankind is clear on this day, April 1, 2014.  Kids need screen time for the majority of their waking hours each day.  Experts agree.  As summer is just around the corner, parents should start planning now how to keep their children away from parks and swimming pools.


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