Jurassic World Evolution 2 approaching 1 million sales after bumpy launch

Life finds a way.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 has sold almost 1 million copies after enduring a rocky launch, according to developer Frontier Developments.

In November last year, Frontier explained the dino-themed park manager delivered "lowered than expected" launch sales on PC specifically, and downwardly revised its full-year revenue guidance as a result.

Frontier suggested those teething pains were "potentially a short-term effect from a more crowded release window than expected," and noted that console sales were still in line with expectations.

In its latest trading update, however, Frontier revealed Jurassic World Evolution 2 has now shifted close to 1 million units since launching on November 9, 2021, and described the game as "the latest successful addition to our portfolio."

It appears that a good portion of those sales arrived in December, with Frontier specifically praising the title's "strong second month of sales."

Looking briefly at Frontier's wider fiscal report, the company achieved revenues of £49.1 million ($66.9 million) for the six months ended November 21, 2021, an increase on the £36.9 million it posted the previous year.

Although revenue was up, the UK studio also reported an operating loss of £1.3 million due to "non-cash foreign exchange an amortisation charges," and saw EBITDA fall to £14.1 million from £15.5 million due to marketing costs and lower gross profit margin percentages.

The Frontier board has subsequently narrowed its revenue guidance range for FY22 to £100 million to £120 million.

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