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IndieDevMap - world map of indie and independent game developers

I recently launched IndieDevMap, a website aimed at supporting and offering more visibility to indie and independent game developers.

This post is about how the website started, the current status of the project and future plans.

Davide Coppola, Blogger

June 27, 2012

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IndieDevMap - world map of indie and independent game developers

I came up with the idea of creating IndieDevMap more than 8 months ago, but at that time my life was at a turning point. I was moving back to London (UK) to re-join the game industry after almost 2 years working as indie developer in Italy, and I only had time to register the domain hoping to be able to work on the website soon, oh I was so wrong...

The project remained only an idea for about 7 months, until I received an email from a guy asking info about it and making me realize it really had potential and I really wanted to work on it. Well, better late than never!

After a pretty short development and testing cycle, I launched the website on the 21st of June 2012. The first public version was pretty bare-bone. It only allowed to browse the maps populated by the first small bunch of developers. At the time of writing this post the website has more than 60 developers registered and the number of submissions is growing day after day thanks to the word of mouth (social networks edition).

The reason why I decided to publish a website in alpha stage is that IndieDevMap is supposed to be a service for the community, not a product to sell when finished, so for me, it makes sense to follow the "release early, release often" approach typical of the OpenSoure model which is totally community-driven.

It's easy to realize that IndieDevMap was totally inspired by the older and more famous GameDevMap, a website which shares the same basic idea, but restricts it to mainstream and medium/big companies. From this point of view, IndieDevMap tries to be much more relaxed, allowing also single individuals to have a place on the map. After all, lonely wolves are, have been and will always be part of the gamedev culture, especially in the indie community.

Furthermore, IndieDevMap doesn't want to be a simple "clone" of GameDevMap targetting a slightly different audicence. The real goal is to make it a reference for the indie and independent community, offering developers a power tool to connect and collaborate with each other, and that's  why IndieDevMap will offer soon new contents like: interviews with developers, game reviews, jobs board, etc...

If you are an indie or independent game developer don't miss the opportunity to have a place on the map and register your data on the website right now!

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